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For Orphans, Lost Children, Youth, and Whom It May Concern

For Orphans, Lost Children, Youth, And Whom It May Concern

Rolly Lambert Fogoum

Paperback,  215 x 139 mm


56 pages



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To children who have no father

To children without a mother


At night I go to bed bearing in mind your sorrow

In my sleep, the nightmares of your pain haunt me

I jump up, half-asleep, calling upon tomorrow

Beautiful new days for you, I wish will be.


––from “To Children Without Parents”


Uplifting, motivational, and empowering, the poems in For Orphans, Lost Children, Youth, and Whom It May Concerncelebrate resilience, compassion, spirituality and, above all, the power of dreams to spawn hope for the future.

Rolly Lambert Fogoum’s second poetry collection clusters heartfelt and passionate poems speaking to orphans, the deliberately silenced, and the ignored. By turns lyrical, introspective, and epistolary, the collection’s force builds as the poems appeal to our compassion. Often directly addressing the forsaken, this collection takes us on a journey through empathy, chronicling painful times, but also heralding hope for better times to come.